Credit Suisse: Family-Owned Firms Outperform Non-Family Owned Peers

A research report recently published by Credit Suisse(CS) showed that family-owned companies outperformed their non-family owned peers. CS defined a family-owned firm as (1) direct shareholding by founders or descendants of at least 20%; (2) voting rights held by founders or descendants of at least 20%.

The Top 50 family-owned firms globally based on market cap, revenue and share-price erturns are shown in the table below:

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The table below shows the Top 50 Asian family-owned firms:

SourceThe CS Family 1000, Credit Suisse

More than half of the top 1000 family-owned firms in the world are located in Asia. The top four countries are China, the USA, India and France.

The complete report has many more fascinating charts and detailed infomation.

Download: The CS Family 1000 (in pdf)

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