Bloomberg: Canadian Stocks Look Cheap

Many of the equity markets have double-digit percentage growth so far this year. For example, developed European markets like Austria and Denmark are up by 21.4% and 12.9% respectively. Among emerging markets, Chile and India are up by 20.6% and 18.4% respectively YTD based on their benchmark indices. The S&P 500 has increased by a decent 8.34% year-to-date on a price only basis. On the other hand, the Canadian stocks are in the doldrums this year with the S&P/TSX Composite down by 2.2% YTD.

According an article in Bloomberg this week, on a valuation basis Canadian equities are cheaper relative to their American peers. From the article:

An upbeat earnings season hasn’t had much impact on valuations yet. The gap in forward price-to-earnings between the S&P/TSX and the S&P 500 Index is the biggest it’s been since 2008. Several strategists and investors say a gap this big can’t last and will either be narrowed by declines in the U.S. or gains in Canada.

“There’s a good case to be made for the bout of serious underperformance in Canada to subside,” Robert Kavcic, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets, wrote in a recent note.

Any recovery in the S&P/TSX will need energy stocks behind it, given their importance to the benchmark. Although there are plenty of unknowns for oil prices — including OPEC’s commitment to production cuts and U.S. shale producers’ ability to fill the gap — there are also signals that investors are getting more bullish on energy.

Source: Five charts that show Canadian stocks could rise from the dead, Bloomberg via Financial Post

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