How Copper Shaped Chile’s Economy: Infographic

A few days ago I wrote an article about how commodity prices can strongly impact a country’s equity market performance using the example of Copper and Chile. The importance of copper prices cannot be underestimated for growth of the Chilean economy. The infographic below shows how Copper shaped the Chilean economy:

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Source:How copper riches helped shape Chile’s economic story,

Salvador Allende was the democratically-elected 30th President of Chile. He was overthrown from power in a coup in September, 1973 supported by the CIA. Once Allende was out, it became a question of economic growth via ballots (or) bullets. Chile ended up with the later choice. The Chilean military under General Augusto Pinochet ran the country from that time until 1990. Chile remained under military dictatorship until 1993. Under Pinochet’s thousands of people were killed or disappeared but the country’s economy prospered.

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