The List of 10 Priciest US Stocks

Some of the companies trading in the US markets have stock prices that are in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. As the prices are so high they may not suitable for retail investors especially those that can afford only small funds to invest. For instance, it may not be feasible to easily buy 100 stocks when the price per share is too high. High-flying tech stocks such as Amazon and Google are two such examples.

The 10 Priciest Stocks in the US market are shown in the table below:

S.No.CompanyTickerClosing Price on June 16, 2017
1Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class ABRK-A $256,450.00
2Seaboard Corp.SEB $4,103.80
3NVR Inc.NVR $2,444.68
4Priceline Group Inc.PCLN $1,802.61 Inc.AMZN$987.71
6Alphabet Inc. Class AGOOGL$958.62
7Markel Corp.MKL$982.66
8Alphabet Inc. Class CGOOG$939.78
9Intuitive Surgical Inc.ISRG$914.84
10White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.WTM$874.20

Source: Amazon’s Brush With $1,000 Signals the Death of the Stock Split, WSJ

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A (BRK-A) shares closed at over $256,000 per share on Friday. There are not many retail investors who can buy 1 share let alone 100 of this stock. Even companies such as Amazon(AMZN) and Google(GOOG) trade at such high levels since they haven’t split their shares after a strong run up. Since most investors invest via mutual funds or ETFs high share prices do not adversely affect investors according to these firms and other experts.

Priceline(PCLN) used to be a fad during the dot com era. But since then it has re-emerged as a leader in the online hotel and flight booking space. Others in the list such as White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd., Markel, SEB, etc. may not be familiar to some investors including myself.

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