Dividend Stock Lists for US, Canada, Europe and UK: Links

One of the strategies followed by some investors is the Dividend Growth strategy. This involves investing in stocks that not only pay dividends but also increase them year after year. While researching on this topic, I came some lists that other bloggers maintain. The following are the links of these dividend stock lists from the US and other countries.

Page Updated: Sept 10, 2017

1) USA:

U.S. Dividend Champions – This list has US firms that have increased dividends 25+ years and is maintained by Robert Fish.

U.S. Dividend Champions (Excel Link)

U.S. Dividend Champions (pdf Link)

Additional tools for dividend investors like spreadsheets are found here.

Drip Investing

Robert Allan Schwartz’s dividend growth company information

2) Canada:

The Canadian Dividend All-Star List – Has Canadian companies that have increased their dividend for 5 or more years consecutively. This list is maintained by blogger at Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement

Canadian Dividend All-Star List (Excel/Google Docs link)

3) Europe:

Euro Dividend All-Stars List – Maintained by a Belgian blogger at “No More Waffles

Euro Dividend All-Stars List (Excel Link)

4) Sweden:

Sweden All Star Dividend Champions (Excel link) from World of Dividends

5) UK:

UK Dividend Champions – List maintained by Dividend Life

UK Dividend Champions (Excel Link)

6) Germany:

German Dividend Aristocrats

I will update this list when I find more lists.

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