The Periodic Table of Emerging Markets 2015

Earlier this month I posted the Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns for 2015. The following is The Periodic Table of Emerging Markets 2015 which shows the annual returns from 2006 thru 2015:

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Source: US Funds

Download: The Periodic Table of Emerging Markets 2015 (in pdf)

A few observations:

  • Last year the best performing market was Hungary with a return of about 30%. This is surprising since Hungary is hardly on any EM investors’ radar.
  • The top three worst performing markets were all from Latin America – Colombia, Brazil and Peru.
  • Brazil lost its shine back in 2010. After topping the ranking in 2009, Brazil has been a negative performing market every year since 2011. Last year it lost an astonishing 42% after a fall of 13% in the previous year.
  • Russia was the worst market in 2014. But the market bounced back in 2015 to basically remain flat while most emerging markets declined.

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