8 Foreign Movies to Watch on Netflix

Shares of Netflix(NFLX) closed at $613.25 yesterday after reaching as high as $618. The stock shot up on rumors that the company is working on entering China. As the Chinese market is huge, investors hope Netflix could reap substantial profits.

By any means, Netflix shares are not cheap now. The P/E is over 159. At current prices the company has a market cap of about $37.0 billion. Netflix does not pay a dividend as is common with internet growth-focused firms. Netflix is also one of the highly volatile stocks on the market. Here are few milestones for the stock price:

  • May 15, 2015 – $613
  • Jan 1, 2015 – $344
  • Jan 1, 2014 – $366
  • Dec , 2012 – Reached as low as $74
  • Jul , 2011 – Reached as high as $304

So Netflix stock is not for the faint-hearted. On any bad news, the stock can easily plunge 50% or more.

Whether you own Netflix shares or not, as a company Netflix offer excellent movies and other content. The following are eight good foreign movies that a subscriber can stream on Netflix.

Note: Click on the images to read a review on Rotten Tomatoes site.

  1. Headhunters – A Norwegian mystery and suspense thrillerHeadhunters
  2. Killer Mermaid –  2014 B movie suspense thrillerKiller Mermaid
  3. Bad Girl Island – Murder and suspense movieBad Girl Island
  4. Black Death – Story based on the plague of the 14th centuryBlack Death
  5. The Act of Killing – Brutal Documentary on the communists purge in IndonesiaThe Act of Killing
  6. City of God – Brazilian movie on kids of Rio’s FavelasCity of God
  7. Sins of my Father – Documentary on Colombia drug kingpin Pablo Escobar Sins of my Father
  8. The Alps from Above: A Symphony of SummitsThe Alps From Above


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