Greek Sovereign Debt Owed by Creditor

The Greek debt drama is taking center stage again in recent weeks. A few years ago it appeared that the Greek story was dead once and for all. Alas. That did not happen.Every few years the tiny poorest country in developed Europe appears to rear its ugly head again on the international arena. It is sad that the small country with an insignificant economy on the global level becomes the source for triggering a crisis again and again. Hopefully the current new regime will find a permanent solution and lead the country get back on its feet.

Greece owes billions in debt to creditors. The following chart shows the total debt owed and the creditors:

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Greek Debts Total

The chart below shows the debt re-payment schedule:

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Greek Debts Payback Scheduele


Source: Athens vs. Brussels: Greece Inches Closer to Renewal of Debt Crisis, Feb 10, 2015, Der Spiegel


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Source: Financial Times

Who Owes Greece

Source: BBC

Greece Debt

Source: Protherma



Source: Three myths about Greece’s enormous debt mountain, Jan 28, 2015, The Telegraph

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