The Top Trade Partners of Germany 2012

The German economy is the largest in Europe with a GDP size of about 2.6 Trillion Euros in 2012. As an export-driven economy, Germany consistently runs an export surplus.

The following chart shows Germany’s major trading partners in 2012:

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Source: De Statis

Some interesting facts about Germany’s trade:

  1. Germany’s most important trade partners are other European countries. For example, the major source of imports last year was The Netherlands and the destination for exports was France. 
  2. About 69% of “Made in Germany” goods were exported to European countries.
  3. The 2nd most important market for German exports were Asia followed by the Americas.
  4. Asia accounted for only 18% of German imports.
  5. After France, the top destination for German exports was the U.S. and UK.
  6. In terms of imports, the country’s major import partners were The Netherlands followed by China and France.
  7. While the U.S. is a major export and import market for Germany, Canada does not appear in the top 10 trading partners list.

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