PFC Energy: The World’s Top 50 Energy Companies 2012

The global energy consultancy PFC Energy has published its annual ranking of the World’s Top 50 Energy Companies for 2012 based on market capitalization.

The table below lists the PFC Energy 50 with their US market tickers if available:


Source: Bloomberg, PFC Energy estimates as of 12/31/2011

• Share price growth based on primary exchange tickers in $US.
• Prices for thinly traded companies are as of year’s last trade.
• Changes in market capitalization may differ from changes in share price due to mergers, share repurchases and other factors.

* BHP Billiton is ranked based on 20% of the market capitalization of the parent company, representing the contribution of the petroleum segment to corporate EBIT in the 12 months ended 6/30/11.

** Midstream/Infrastructure category added this year.


NOC – National Oil Companies
NOC – International Oil Companies
E&P – Exploration & Production
R&M – Refining & Marketing

Oil supermajor ExxonMobil (XOM) maintained the top rank with a market cap of $406.3 billion followed by PetroChina. National Oil Companies and companies located in the emerging markets underperformed in this ranking as investors viewed “these companies more critically due to country risk exposure and lack of portfolio diversification”. In recognition of the expanding oil and gas potential of North American onshore this year’s list includes four midstream and pipeline companies – Enterprise (#25), TransCanada (#37), Enbridge (#40) and Kinder Morgan (#41).

Source: PFC Energy

Disclosure: Long EONGY, PBR

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