Nine U.S. Consumer Staples Companies With High Emerging Market Sales

In my earlier post we looked at some European firms with strong sales in emerging markets. In this post let us take a quick look at some U.S. companies which have a strong presence in emerging countries.

The table below lists nine U.S. consumer staples companies with emerging market sales of 20% or more:


Source: Global Equity Strategy, Credit Suisse

Philip Morris(MO) is a good pick for long-term investment due to consistent past performance. Currently the stock has a 6.24% dividend yield.It is surprising to see that PepsciCo’s (PEP)emerging market sales is only 20%. As the main competitor to Coca Cola one would expect PepsiCo to have ta much larger exposure to EM. Overall as consumer staples all these stocks can offer stability to a well diversified portfolio during wild market conditions.

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