Site Milestone Reached

Dear Visitor:

I started this humble blog in early 2008. In the 3+ years since, the site has grown tremendously. Yesterday this site reached a major milestone. For the first time, the Sitemeter Total PageViews exceeded 1,000,000.

Some stats from Sitemeter:

Total Page Views = 1,004,813

Total Visitors = 560,964

There are currently 1,135 posts contained within 104 categories.

On an average over 2,000 pages are viewed by visitors every day. Visitors come from many countries with the vast majority from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

My articles posted in SeekingAlpha receive much more traffic and comments than my site due to SA’s reach and audience.

Some Stats about my SeekingAlpha articles:

Total article published = 765

Followers = 69,180

Top three posts that received over 25,000 page views each in the last 12 months are:

34 S&P 500 Stocks Yielding More Than 5% Dividends

High Dividend Stocks in the Nasdaq

Goldman’s 10 Stocks for Dividend Growth

I am happy to let you know that articles from this site have been referred by many top sites including The Wall Street Journal Blog, Yahoo Finance, Random Roger, Barry’s The Big Picture, etc. and in a finance text book for college students.

Thank your very much for your support !!!.

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