Top Coal Exporters and Importers

Mongolia is opening up its Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit to foreign investors. The site is located in the South Gobi desert near China’s northern border and has an estimated 6.4 billion metric tons of coal.

Coal continues to be a major source of power generation in many countries including the U.S. where about 44% of total electricity generated comes from coal-powered plants.

The Top Coal Exporters and Importers


Source: World Coal Association

Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter of both steam and coking coal. Indonesia is emerging as a major exporter in recent years.

The top coal producers are China, the USA, India, Australia and Indonesia. Much of the coal produced is used domestically.

Some of the coal stocks trading on the NYSE are listed below:


US-based Peabody Energy (BTU) is the world’s largest private coal producer.

Two of the coal ETFs are Market Vectors-Coal ETF (KOL) and PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio ETF (PKOL).

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