The Top 15 Global Oilfield Services Providers

The integrated oil giants such as Exxon Mobil(XOM), Royal Dutch Shell(RDS.A, RDS.B), Total(TOT), BP(BP), etc. depend on the oil field services firms that offer the equipment, the infrastructure and the technology needed to extract, store and transport oil and natural gas. These firms form a very important part of the oil and gas industry by offerering their highly technical know-how and specialized personnel to the industry.

Some of the oilfield services providers such as Schlumberger(SLB),Halliburton(HAL),Baker Hughes(BHI), etc. generate billions in revenues each year and have operations globally. For example, Baker Hughes operates in over 90 countries and offers “advanced products and services to help customers drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas wells.”

The Top 15 Global Oil Services Firms based on rankings by PFC energy are:


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