The Complete List of Oil ADR Stocks

The complete list of oil-sector related ADRs traded in the organized exchanges in the US are listed below. These stocks include oil and gas producers, distributors, equipment makers and servicing companies.


Source: BNY Mellon Depository Receipts

Note: Information posted above is known to be accurate. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Contract oil driller Ensco(ESV) is an American company that is currently based in Dallas, TX. Last month, Ensco decided to move its headquarters to London, UK. Hence the stock is now listed as an ADR.

Emerging market oil companies performed better than Western giants such as Eni, BP, Royal Dutch Shell,TOTAL in terms of return to shareholders in 2009. Norwegian oil company Statoil was an exception. Statoil returned nearly 50%. Despite the strong performance in 2009, Petrobras of Brazil holds lots of potential for further growth. Chinese firms CNOOC, Petro-China and China Petroleum & Chemical are also great picks for 2010 as auto sales in China is projected to grow by double digits.

The Complete List of Oil ADRs Traded on the OTC Markets can be found here.


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