The Best and Worst Performing Equity Markets Compared to Their Peaks

From the March 2009 lows, many stock markets worldwide have rebounded nicely and are now in the positive column for the year. However what about the performance of these markets from their all time highs?.

Most global stock markets made their all time highs in 2007 or 2008. From that peak many of them fell hard to reach their troughs early this year. The fall was brutal especially for emerging and frontier markets. But after the recent run, some of them are very close to the peak established earlier. Some are still along way from reaching that peak.

Global Equity Markets Performance Relative Their Peaks

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The Best Performing Equity Markets:

The best performing equity market that has already surpassed the previous peak is Colombia, which is considered a frontier market. The Colombian market is already up 11% over the last peak made in June 6, 2008.

Some of the other markets are closer to reaching their all-time highs include Israel, Chile and Indonesia are away under 20% from peaks. Peru is exactly 20% away and Thailand is 24% away. Closely following are Switzerland and Malaysia at 25% and 26%. The frontier markets of Peru, Colombia and Indonesia are performing very well despite the global recession. Interesting to note that Israel with many of its hi-tech companies is the second best performer in this list.

The Worst Performing Equity Markets:

The top 5 worst performing markets are still far away from their peaks. Ireland is still 78% away. Austria, Belgium and Finland are all away close to 60%. The emerging market of Russia is still down 57% from its peak reached in May last year. The economy of these are still in worse shape despite many stimulus and bailout efforts.

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