Nine Foreign Large Cap Dividend Stocks

To identify the large cap foreign stocks in NYSE with current dividend yields of 5% or higher, I ran the following screener:

Exchange: NYSE
Market Capitalization: ≥ $50.0B
Dividend Yield :≥ 5.00%

The screen resulted in 11 stocks out of which 9 were foreign ADR stocks.

1.Company: BP plc (BP)
Dividend Yield: 6.48%

2.Company: Deutsche Telekom AG  (DT)
Dividend Yield: 8.06%

3.Company: Eni S.p.A.(E)
Dividend Yield: 6.01%

4.Company: France Telecom SA (FTE)
Dividend Yield: 6.62%

5.Company: Telefonica S.A. (TEF)
Dividend Yield: 5.41%

6.Company: Deutsche TOTAL S.A.(TOT)
Dividend Yield: 5.66%

7.Company: Vodafone Group Plc (VOD)
Dividend Yield: 7.90%

8.Company: Royal Dutch Shell plc(RDS.A)
Dividend Yield: 6.12%

9.Company: Banco Santander, S.A(STD)
Dividend Yield: 5.19%

The common theme in the above list is that except Banco Santander of Spain all the others are either energy or telecom companies. Usually banks and utilities appear in high yield stock screens. But due to the credit crunch and the recession, most of the banks’  market caps fell heavily and dividend yields also decreased as most of them either cut or reduced them.

Among the large foreign banks, just Banco Santander, S.A(STD) currently has a market cap of about $125B and pays a dividend of 5% or more. Other Companies in the above list with market caps of $100B or more are BP, Telefonica, Total, Vodafone and Royal Dutch Shell.

Note: The above data is known to be accurate. Please do your own due diligence before making nay decisions.

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