Two Utility ADRs of Chile

Enersis (ENI) and Endesa-Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (EOC) are two electric utility companies from Chile listed in the New York Stock Exchange as ADRs. This post provides a brief summary of these two ADRs.

1. Enersis (ENI) is engaged in the business of generation, distribution and transmission of power in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It has a smaller presence in natural gas distribution, water treatment and other services.

ENI is down year-to-date about 27%. The stocks pays a dividend of 5.94% and the annual dividend growth in the past 5 years is about 6%.

2.Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA (EOC)

Similar to ENI, Empresa Nacional is an electric utility with operations in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

The ADR stock has help up well so far this year with year-to-date change of -4.95%. The dividend yield of 2.19% is less than the industry average. The annual dividend growth rate is about 27%.

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