Say Ciao to Italian ADRs

This post will list the Italian ADR stocks and discuss the ishares ETF for Italy.In the developed world, Italy offers some good investment opportunities. An investor looking to invest in Italy can take the easy route and select the country specific MSCI Index ETF from ishares. The ishares ETF for Italy is EWI.

EWI is not a big fund like EWA(Australia) or EWG (Germany).EWI has assets of about $239M. the dividend yield is 3.06% and the PE is 10.96.This ETF has a heavy allocation in financials at 45%.Rest of the fund is distributed among utilities,energy,etc.The fund has 37 stocks including Enel,Eni,Unicredit,Intesa Sanpaolo,Fiat, etc.

EWI Returns:
YTD the fund is down 5.65%.The average annualized returns are as follows:
1 yr: -7.75%
3 Yr: 12.02%
5 Yr: 15.66%

Note: All data mentioned here is as of June 27,2008.

So overall the ETF performance is good over many years.

However if you want to invest in individual Italian companies, there are a few ADRs available in the US.Out of these Italian ADRs Enel,Eni and Fiat are decent long-term plays.

The complete list of Italian ADR stocks are listed below:


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