Top Four Canadian Stocks !!

Canada is a resource-rich country.The country is blessed with all kinds of natural resources like timber,crude oil (from tar sands and off-shore),natural gas,farm lands,uranium, potash,diamonds,etc.

Its little wonder that some of the top performing stocks in the past few years have been companies that are someway related to any of the above mentioned resources.The listing
below shows four Canadian interlisted stocks whose stock more than doubled in about 2 years,4.5 months.Specifically these return is calculated based on the initial stock price from Jan 3rd,2006 to May 16, 2008. It does not include any dividends, just the stock price appreciation only. If dividends are included, the stock growth rate will be even higher.:-)

op Stock #1:

Company: Agrium Inc
Ticker: AGU
Stock Growth from Jan 3rd, 2006 to May 16,2008: 294.64%

Agrium (AGU) is the best performer with a growth of 296% because it is in the
Agricultural sector.Due to the current food crisis world-wide and the soaring demand for seeds,fertilizers its stock as more than doubled from less than $40 a year ago to $89+ yesterday.

Top Stock #2:

Company: Suncor Energy
Ticker: SU
Stock Growth from Jan 3rd, 2006 to May 16,2008: 111.32%
SU stock split: Ratio 2:1
SU Split Date: May 27, 2008

Suncor Energy – SU is in the oil and natural gas sector. It is based in Calgary, Alberta – the province which has the tar sands from which crude oil is extracted.SU rode
the crude oil price runaway train in the past few years to its current price of $134+.

Top Stock #3:

Company: Encana Inc
Ticker: ECA
Stock Growth from Jan 3rd, 2006 to May 16,2008: 105.91%

Operates in the sector as SU.

Top Stock #4:

Company: Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Ticker: CNQ
Stock Growth from Jan 3rd, 2006 to May 16,2008: 102.47%

Again has the same profile as SU and is based in Calgary,AB.

All the above 4 stocks are due for a stock split. SU has already announced the split. We expect the other three to follow soon.

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