Pemex ADR stock ???

Is Pemex ADR stock available in the US?
Unfortunately No.

Pemex does not trade in the US as an ADR. So it is not possible for an US investor to share the profits of this giant Mexican oil company.:-)

Some info on Pemex from Business Week back in 2004:

“The country is the world’s seventh-largest oil producer and one of the top three suppliers to the U.S., up there with Canada and Saudi Arabia. Yet state oil monopoly Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), a giant with $55.9 billion in revenue, is hardly thriving.

Because Pemex is the Mexican government’s cash cow. The state-run company pays out over 60% of its revenue in royalties and taxes, and those funds pay for a third of the federal government’s budget. If oil prices drop or there are no major new discoveries of crude, that could spell big trouble for Pemex — and Mexico’s finances.”

To read the full article go here:

Where I can find more information about Pemex?
More information can be found in the Investors Relations site of Pemex.This is the only section that is in English§ionID;=11

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