Singapore – Your next investment destination !!

Above are some of the pictures of the tiny city state of Singapore in Asia. It is a hot destination for international capital now and has a very good business friendly environment. We will discuss this Asian marvel in another blog soon.

#1. & 2: Singapore Harbor – One of the busiest in the world. Situated strategically on the way between Japan,China and the Middle East,Asia,Europe thousands of ships pass thru this harbor each year.

#3&4:Construction near downtown for a multi billion $ casino and entertainment complex. Singapore recently legalized gambling and this project is the first to take advantage of the law.When opened sometime in the next few this development will bring more tourists and their $ to Singapore. Most of the land for this project is reclaimed land from the sea.

#5: View of Singapore downtown and the Merlion statue. This Merlion is a very famous tourist symbol of Singapore.In this picture, the building with the yellow sign at the top of it is the “May Bank”. This is a huge banking group operating in Singapore,Malaysia and other Asian countries.
Singapore hosts pretty much all the top banks of the world like Standarad Chartered,Citibank, Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, ING etc.


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