How Many People Suffer From Diabetes Globally?

The World Diabetes Day was on November 14.Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. According to The International Diabetes Association, total population affected by diabetes is high enough to make it the third most populous country behind China and India. This shocking statistic shows the scale of this disease. Diabetes is becoming a growing epidemic in many emerging countries as the food habits and lifestyle of the population change due to rising income levels and standard of living.

The infographic below shows some interesting facts about this disease:

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Global health spending to treat diabetes and manage its complications was estimated at 612 billion dollars in 2014. That figure is set to explode if diabetes continues its epidemic growth. There may not be a cure for diabetes right now, but it can be dramatically reduced and even prevented by adopting a healthier lifestyle. However, a nutritional diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat is not always financially possible; particularly for people living in middle- and low-income countries.

Source: A sustainable diet, Allianz

It is not surprising that Diabetes is a huge market opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. The top company in terms of 2014 sales for curing diabetes is Denmark-based Novo Nordisk(NVO). The other major players in the global top five companies are: Sanofi(SNY), Merck(MRK), Eli Lilly(LLY) and Astrazeneca(AZN)


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Knowledge is Power: Nifty Nine Stocks, Global Top 20 Generic Companies, Entitlement Reforms Edition

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Kremlin Palace Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Kremlin Palace Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

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NYSE Delisting National Bank of Greece ADR


The New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) is delisting National Bank of Greece(NBG) after its price fell to $0.16 today. On Thursday it had closed at $0.19. So finally its time to say goodbye to NBG. On Nov 21, I had written a post suggesting investors avoid the stock after a decision to implement a reverse 1:15 split.

From a Bloomberg news report today:

The New York Stock Exchange is delisting American depositary receipts of National Bank of Greece SA after they lost 91 percent of their value this year.

The ADRs were suspended on Friday, when their value slumped to 16 cents from as much as $1.96 in February. NYSE cited an “abnormally low” price in a statement.

Losses spiraled to a record this month, after the Greek lender sold new shares at a more than 90 percent discount to market prices. The nation’s four largest banks have been raising capital to help fill a 14.4 billion-euro ($15.3 billion) hole in their accounts identified by the European Central Bank.

Source: NYSE Is Delisting National Bank of Greece After 91% PlungeBloomberg, Nov 27, 2015

The ADR was first listed on the NYSE in Oct, 1999.

Now that NBG is being delisted what should you do if you hold the stock?. 

There may be some options. For more details on what to do next check out: What to do when an ADR is delisted from NYSE or NASDAQ


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Historical Chart of Cash Invested in SPDR Gold ETF

Gold prices have declined consistently in the past few years while stocks have soared. At the height of the global financial crisis, experts predicted gold could reach $2,000 easy and even go higher and higher forever. It did not turn out that way. When stocks collapsed investors poured money into gold especially the highly popular SPDR Gold Shares ETF(GLD). At its peak, the fund had over $80 billion in assets. Since then investors have pulled out billions and currently the fund has about $22 billion in assets.

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SPDR Gold ETF Cash Chart

Source: Chart of the week: gold loses its lustre, MoneyWeek

Currently gold is trading at about $1,053 an ounce.

The key point to remember is investing in gold is not a bulletproof strategy. Just like any other asset gold prices can go up as well as go down. Hence just because stocks crash does not mean investors should dump all their assets into gold and vice versa.