What Does China Export: Infographic

China is the world’s largest exporting country in terms of the value of goods exported. No wonder “Made in China” are the three most powerful and popular words almost in every country. The top 5 export destinations for Chinese goods are the US, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Germany in that order.

The infographic below shows some of the fascinating facts about China’s exports:

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Source: iContainers

Market Cap of Tech Companies vs. GDP of Countries

Some of the big tech companies are now bigger than some countries in terms of market capitalization. For example, the GDP of UK is about $2.2 Trillion. But the market caps of tech giants Amazon(AMZN), Microsoft(MSFT) and Apple(AAPL) combined now exceed UK’s GDP.

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Source: Profit from tech revolution through diversified index approach by Kris Walesby, ETF Securities, Australia

Similarly Intel is bigger than Portugal. However it should be noted that this is purely a numbers comparison. Russia, the world’s largest country is not equal to just companies – Amazon and Apple. Some consider Amazon  to be the largest flea market in the world while Apple sells over-priced products to gullible consumers. So the entire country of Russia is not just these two companies by any measure other than the market cap and GDP.

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Funny Map of Every European City: Chart

Every major European city seems to have a standard template in terms of design and attractions. Usually there are the following: a river, clock tower, church or churches, an old town, a railway station, a park, a main thoroughfare like the La Rambla in Barcelona, a square, etc. The following chart is a funny take on the European city model:

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Source: Daily Infographics

Breakdown of Where Your 2017 Tax Dollar Went: Chart

The three major expenditure categories that were covered with your tax dollar in 2017 were: health, military and interest in debt.Transportation received the least amount of tax dollars. No wonder much of the transportation infrastructure is in dire need of repair and rebuilding. Other areas that received less tax dollars are education and science.

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Source: National Priorities