Update to Automatic Conversion of Russian ADRs

The saga with Russian DR programs continues to evolve. I posted a note on Automatic and Forced Cancellation as notified by the depository BNY Mellon on mid-last month. Today BNY Mellon has published the below important update on the automatic conversion of Russian ADRs. As the deadline nears for the cancellation of these ADRs, many investors who still haven’t take action have questions on what would would happen to their holdings. So its important to monitor these developments and take appropriate actions.

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Source: Russia Update to DR Automatic Conversion, Aug 1, 2022, BNY Mellon


Russian ADRs Update: Automatic and Forced Cancellation

Calendar Year S&P 500 Index Returns 1926-2021: Chart

One of the strategies for building long-term wealth is to invest in stocks. While there are many markets to invest in for American investors, the US equity market has generated excellent returns in the past and continues to remain strong. In a recent post, I noted how US stocks as represented by the Dow have pounced other major developed markets from 2010 to 2021.

The more popular S&P Index has also performed very well over the years. Since 1926, the index has yielded positive returns 74% of the time as shown in the chart below.

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Source: Managing Market Volatility, Russell Investments

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