European Countries Continue Trading with Russia Despite Sanctions: Chart

Russia’s trade with China and India are soaring to record levels this year. The import of Russian oil, gas and coal by these countries has increased dramatically following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russia offering cheaper prices. This is not a surprising news since both these countries are developing countries and have historically maintained friendly relations with Russia.

The biggest news that may shock many is that European countries continue to trade with Russia despite imposing sanctions against it as a punishment for its invasion of Ukraine. This is because unlike the US, Europe is heavily dependent on Russian energy imports and hence is increasingly difficult to totally avoid Russian energy imports until alternative viable options are found. According to an investigation by one British newspaper, the UK allowed import of Russian oil from 39 carriers during the sanctions. Other major economies of Europe including Germany, France, Italy and Spain have continued to import Russian energy thereby fueling the Russia’s coffers and helping prolong its war over Ukraine. So on the one hand these countries support Ukraine by sending weapons and funds to fight Russia. But their other hand indirectly feeds Russia by buying its oil and gas. It is like trying to profit from both sides in a war with the poor Ukrainians suffering the consequences.

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Source: What Countries Trade With Russia Despite Imposing Sanctions?, Sputnik

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