FTSE All-Share Intra-Year Declines vs. Calendar Year Returns Since 1986: Chart

Similar to the S&P 500 Index, the FTSE All-Share Index for the UK equity market has also generated positive year-end returns in most of the recent few years though the intra-year declines was negative. The following chart shows the intra-year highest declines vs. year-end calendar returns for the FTSE All-Share Index from 1986 to 2022 year-to-date:

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Source: The Bear Market issue, Permanent Wealth Partners

Note: The FTSE All-Share Index is comprised of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and the FTSE Small-Cap Index in the UK market

From the above-linked piece:

This grey bar shows the end-of-year returns for the FTSE All-Share, but the red dot and number show the scale of the largest intra-year decline from peak to trough. There are 8 years out of 36 where the intra-year decline has been greater than 20%, so just under 1 in 4. And many more at 17%, 18% or 19%.

The key takeaway is that volatility in the markets is a feature and not a bug. Markets never constantly go in one direction. When stocks decline as in the current bear market it is important to keep calm and not react by making rash decisions.

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