The World’s Most Peaceful Countries 2020 – U.S. Rank 121

The Institute for Economics and Peace based in Sydney, Australia published the Global Peace Index 2020 report that ranked 163 countries and territories of the world based on their level of peacefulness. All the countries were evaluated and assigned a Global Peace Index (GPI) which was used to rank them. From the report:

The Global Peace Index (GPI) measures more than just the presence or absence of war. It captures the absence of violence or the fear of violence across three domains: Safety and Security, Ongoing Conflict, and Militarisation. Both the Ongoing Conflict and Safety and Security domains recorded deteriorations, with only the Militarisation domain recording an improvement. Of the 23 GPI indicators, eight recorded an improvement, 12 had a deterioration, while the remaining three indicators did not change in the past year.

The most peaceful country in the world is Iceland followed by New Zealand and Portugal. Canada took the sixth spot.

The U.S. was ranked at 121 ahead of Burkina Faso and South Africa. Mexico ranks worse than the US. All the developed European countries were ahead of the U.S. in this ranking.

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Source: The Global Peace Index 2020 – Measuring Peace in a Complex World, IEP


  1. Thanks Love our site.
    One needs to take the peace index as aggregate figure that can often be misleading. Very often violence is concentrated in some very specific area in most country. If you live in a State such as New Hampshire you may not even have to lock your doors but if you live in South Chicago it may be a good idea to have a gun under your pillow. Most crimes are drug related so its not a good idea to live in a Drug gangs infested neiborhoods. Canada ranks very well on this chart but its the second largest country in
    size in the world with only 37 million people. Check out the Canadian province of Nunavut you will see it as one if not the most violent crimes and shootings in the world but you may travel hundreds of miles in Canada and find very peaceful little cities.


  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the site useful. 🙂

    Agree. I presented the chart as published in the original source. I should have noted the points you mention. I agree. Violence depends on where you live. Did not know that Nunavut has more violent crimes. I found places like suburbs of Toronto, Sault ste Marie, etc. are very peaceful and safe.

  3. I am satisfied about your efforts to share these good information about world peace 🕊️ I thank you ☺️

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