Five Attractions To Visit In Rome

The Italian capital Rome is an amazing city. As the birthplace of modern civilization, Rome is dotted with hundreds of historical monuments to explore. Like the olden days, Romans today are extremely friendly and welcoming to tourists. Almost every street seems to have at least one Church and many of them hundreds of years old. For Americans who are accustomed to the same corporate junk everywhere they go within the country Rome and Italy in general is a breadth of fresh air to say the least. In this post let me share with you some of the photos from a trip.

The following are some of the top five attractions in Rome that every tourist should visit:

1.The Colosseum

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For tickets and more info please visit the Colosseum Amphitheatre site.

2.The Roman Forum


You can buy Colosseum and Roman Forum tickets as a combo ticket at the above site.

3.The Pantheon

Additional information can be found here. Since it is a Church there is no entrance ticket.

4. Trevi Fountain

5.The Vatican Museum and St.Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican Museum is filled with wonderful treasures. The The Gallery of Maps is breathtaking. Tickets to the museum can be bought here.

Bonus: Piazza Venezia

From foodies to history buffs to religious people alike Rome and The Vatican must be on everyone’s bucket list.

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