US Non-Immigrant Visas Issued by Nationality 2016

The U.S. issues millions of visas each year in two categories – immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Most of the visas issued are the later category which includes all types of visas such as tourist visas, business visitor visas, work visas, etc. In Fiscal Year 2016, nearly 10.4 million such visas were issued worldwide. About 45% of the total visas issued were given to persons from just three countries: China, Mexico and India.

US Non-Immigrant Visas Issued by Nationality 2016

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Data Table:

Source: U.S. Department of State

It is interesting that almost all of the above countries are developing countries. None of the developed European countries appear in the list. Compared to the top three countries, the number of visas issued to Russians is very relatively small.

Though non-immigrant visa holders are expected to return to their country of origin before the expiration date of their visas, some of them inevitably don’t leave the country. These people simply over-stay their visas and go underground adding to the millions of illegals already living the country.

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