Size of a Country’s Economy vs. Military Power: Chart

The relation between the size of a country’s economy and military power is tenuous. But its interesting to look at a chart that tries to show the comparison anyway.

The chart below compares a country’s GDP against its military strength:

Click to enlarge


Source: Aaron Strndberg via Twitter

The US has the largest GDP and the most powerful military. However Russia is a different story. The country’s GDP is on par with Canada but its military is equal to the US. As a military superpower Russia has one of the advanced and powerful in the world while Canada military is small at a global level. I remember many years ago Canada bought a used submarine from the UK and it started leaking. So they had to take it for repairs. Though their economic sizes are almost equal, Canada spends a small portion of its budget on defense while Russia spends heavily on defense. So it is not surprising that Russia is far ahead of Canada in military power.

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