The Structure of the Tata Group of India

The economies of many emerging and frontier markets are dominated by a small group of companies owned by powerful families. Next to state-owned enterprises these companies usually conglomerates are the major employees in a country. Majority ownership of companies by families has both advantages and disadvantages which I will discuss in a future post. Family-owned conglomerates may have some parts of their companies publicly listed. But the controlling ownership stakes in these firms will still be held by the families or individuals connected to them.

One of the dynastic family-owned conglomerates in the world is the Tata group of India. This group owns hundreds of companies that produce everything from cars to software to watches and running hotels.One of the group companies Tata Motors Limited (TTM) trades on the NYSE.

The chart below shows the structure of the Tata group:


Source: What next for Tata Steel?, FT Alphaville

Of all the firms owned by Tata, the IT outsourcer Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the most profitable.

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  1. Very good controller and brand .
    why Tata enter MIlk manufactureing Industries , butter ,chees and other products is highly helpfull to commen country man to give Milk in good quality and economical .

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