US Obesity Rates By State

Obesity is a major health epidemic in the US. Billions of dollars are wasted per year in treating all the health issues caused by obesity. However drug firms, hospitals and others profit from treating obesity and related illnesses.

The following chart shows obesity rates by state:

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†Obese is defined as body mass index (BMI) ≥ 30.0; BMI was calculated from self-reported weight and height (weight [kg]/ height [m²). Respondents reporting weight < 50 pounds or ≥ 650 pounds; height < 3 feet or ≥ 8 feet; or BMI: <12 or ≥ 100 were excluded. Pregnant respondents were also excluded. Washington D.C. falls in the 20 -< 25 category.

Source: Schwab Sector Views: What’s Ailing Health Care? by Brad Sorenson, Charles Schwab

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