Knowledge is Power: Emerging-Market Supercycle, Canadian Banks, Building Blocks of Diversification Edition

  1. “I got nothing against the press” (Vanguard Blog for Advisors)
  2. Will Rising U.S. Debt Levels Keep the Fed On Hold? (Schwab)
  3. Is South Africa the next Brazil? (Money Observer)
  4. What Will Drive the Next Emerging-Market Supercycle? (AB Blog)
  5. The House View: The Building Blocks of Diversification (Salient)
  6. Natural Capital: What Is the True Cost of Food? (Der Spiegel)
  7. The growth-and-value cycle (Fidelity)
  8. The data that proves just how much active emerging market funds have let long-term investors down (FE Trustnet) and see Do active funds do better in bear markets? Nope (MoneyWeek)
  9. CIBC is no longer the underdog of Canadian banking as performance and dividend beat rivals (Financial Post)

Rockefeller Center-2015

Rockefeller Center, New York

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