The World’s Top 10 Cities With The Most Skyscrapers

The world’s tallest building is currently being built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The tower will over 1 KM in height reach beyond the clouds with its 167 floors.

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Worlds Tallest Buildings

Source: Saudi City of Jeddah Aims to Build World’s Tallest Tower,WSJ, Feb 2, 2016

In general, s skyscraper is defined a building with over 40 floors. Hong Kong is the world’s number one city with highest number of skyscrapers. The city has 1,294 skyscrapers. New York has about half that number. NY is followed by Tokyo, Chicago and Dubai in the top five ranking.

RankCityNumber of skyscrapers
1Hong Kong1,294
2New York City690

Source; Emporis

For the full list of the cities with most skyscrapers you can visit the Cities with the most skyscrapers article at Emposis site.

Here is another interesting graphic:

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Tallest Towers Built-2015

Source: America Is Still Losing at Skyscrapers, NY Mag


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