Comparing Financial Asset Class Types Held By U.S, Canadian and European Households

In an earlier post we looked at the financial asset class types held by Latin American households. The following chart shows the various financial assets held by American and Canadian households:

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Financial Asset Classes of US and Canada Households

The following chart shows the financial assets held by households in Developed Europe:

Financial Asset Classes of European Households

A few observations:

  • Americans hold more of their financial assets in stocks (at 55% in 2013) compared to Canadians.
  • Similarly Canadians hold more bank deposits then Americans.
  • An astonishing 64% of Greek households’ financial assets are in bank deposits while Swedish households have the lowest.
  • In countries such as Swizterland, Ireland, UK, The Netherlands and Denmark the majority of households’ financial assets are in insurance and pensions.

Source: Allianz Global Wealth Report 2014, Allianz

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