Germany’s Top Trading Partners In 2013

In this post let’s take a brief look at the top trading partners of Germany last year.As Europe’s largest economy and an export-oriented economy Germany trades with some of the other major countries.

The chart below shows the top trading partners of Germany:

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Germany Top - Trading Partners 2013

Source: De Statis

Among the top five export destinations, three are in Europe. It is interesting that the U.S. is the second largest importer of German goods and services. The U.S. is also a major exporter of goods and services to Germany.

Russia is one of the major exporters of oil and natural gas to Germany. Hence it appears in the top 10 sources of imports.

The three largest export goods(based on Euros) in 2013 were Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, Machinery and equipment and Chemicals and chemical products. The largest import product was Crude petroleum and natural gas.

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