The Best Performing Exchange-Listed Foreign Bank YTD: Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland  is the top performer year-to-date among the foreign bank stocks trading on the organized exchanges. The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (IRE) is up by 29.15% YTD. Comparatively British banks such as Barclays(BCS), HSBC (HBC), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Llyods Bank(LYG) are all down between 4% and 20% YTD.

The chart below shows the 5-year return:

Click to enlarge

IRE 5 Years


The chart below shows the 1-year return:

IRE 1 Year

Source: Yahoo Finance

In one year the stock is up 125%. However this is slightly misleading since the bank had a reverse stock split in Oct 2011 in the ratio of 1:10.

A few years ago the economy of Ireland was in shambles. Since then the economy has strongly recovered……

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