Knowledge is Power: Future of Blackberry, Job Losses, Central Europe Edition

Absolute Majority? Merkel Wins Easy Re-Election (Der Spiegel)

Does BlackBerry have a future? (CBC)

Finding cheap shares ready to move on up: How finance professor Josef Lakonishok turned his theory into a $70bn practice (This is Money)

Containing costly job losses (OECD Observer)

Hi-Fis and Low Gears: Manufacturing’s Bounce in the U.S. (IMF Direct Blog)

The American Myth of Cheap Oil and Gas (Bloomberg)

Why pessimism on emerging markets means it is time to buy (Trustnet)

10 retirement stocks to buy now (Canadian Business)

Central Europe: not such emerging markets after all (beyondbrics)

The American Dream, RIP? (The Economist)

Water Falls


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