New Peruvian ADS: Grana y Montero S.A.A.


Lima,Peru-based Grana y Montero is the latest Peruvian company that started trading on the NYSE on July 24th, 2013 under the ticker GRAM. This holding company operates in four business segments: Engineering & Constructions, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Services.

The company’s successful IPO raised about $413 million by selling about 19.5 million ADS (American Depository Shares) at $21.13 per ADS. Each ADS represent five common shares.

From the company website:

Graña y Montero is a group of 23 engineering and infrastructure service companies operating in 7 countries in Latin America, with more than 4,500 professionals and over 9,500 employees.

Graña y Montero was founded in 1933 by three engineers. In 1997 it was listed on the Lima Stock Exchange.

After reaching as low as $18.74 since the listing, the stock price for GRAM ended at $20.79 on Friday.

Please visit Grana y Montero’s investor website for more information.

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