Knowledge is Power: BRICs, Canada’s Economy, Emerging Markets Edition

What the BRICS need: Education, employment, equality, and soft infrastructure (OECD Insights)

Why Grocers Like Tesco Find Trouble in the U.S. Market (Bloomberg)

Jack Bogle warns ‘Prepare for two massive market declines in the next decade’ (Financial Post)

Emerging Markets: Proceed with Caution (Charles Schwab)

The rise of China’s ghost cities (

Too thin a cushionOne expensive euro  (The Economist Blog)

What happened to Canada’s economic miracle?America’s economy is back (McCleans)

Lessons from the financial crisis (Fidelity)

The Brics are building a challenge to western economic supremacy (The Guardian)

BRIC(S): Important, but not because of the “grand plans” (Deutsche Research)



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