Knowledge is Power: Stock Buybacks, Canadian Banks, Frontier Markets Edition

Eurozone unemployment hits 11.9%  (BBC)

The Rich 100: Canada’s wealthiest people (Canadian Business)

In-App Buying: Don’t Let Your Kids Make Apple Rich (Bloomberg)

Exploring the next frontier: A review of frontier equity markets (Vanguard)

Does Supporting Passenger Railways Reduce Road Traffic Externalities? (Vox)

Canadian banks’ last hurrah? Payouts to shrink as economy sputters (Financial Post)

How the world wide web was won (OECD Observer)

Aberdeen: Emerging market trackers are “absurd” (FE Trustnet)

Buybacks are wrong in principle (Business Line)

Challenges for Italy’s next PM in 10 charts (part 1)

Challenges for Italy’s next PM in 10 charts (part 2) (FT Data blog)

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Cafe Insel on Mur river, Graz, Austria

Photo Courtesy: Pixdaus

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