Scientific Research and Innovation Grows In Emerging Countries

Scientific research and innovation was dominated by western countries up until a few years ago. The majority of the scientific publications in the world were published by researchers in these countries. However emerging countries are starting to compete fiercely in the field of scientific innovation. According to an article in OECD Observer, globalization and democratization of scientific research and innovation  have especially lead Asian emerging countries to new global hubs of scientific research.

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Source: Emerging innovators, OECD Observer

Only ten years ago China lagged in the field of scientific research.Today it has surpassed Germany and France to become number two in producing scientific  publications in co-operating with partner countries such as Canada, USA and Japan. South Korea has also increased its R&D spending significantly in the past decade and today published more scientific research than Sweden, Russia and Turkey.

The U.S. still ranks the top country in research and innovation as in the above diagram. But China’s jump to number two position is surprising.

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