Knowledge is Power: Turkey, Sandy, Taxes Edition

Turkey: can stocks go any higher? (Beyond BRICs)

The best way to invest in Britain’s stockmarket (MoneyWeek)

Load up on Canadian equities, says Canaccord strategist (Financial Post)

How to take a punt on the eurozone (TrustNet UK)

Are Taxes Headed Higher? (Charles Schwab)

Hurricane Sandy –  Costs to come (The Economist Blog)

Economically speaking, Hurricane Sandy not seen as devastating (Macleans)

Internet traffic exchange: 2 billion users and it’s done on a handshake (OECD Insights Blog)

Picking dividend stocks (Fidelity ViewPoints)

A Visit to Google Land – The Intransparent Methods of an Internet Giant (Der Spiegel)


Source: Global Finance

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