Single Country Periodic Table of Investment Returns: Emerging Markets 2001 – 2010

The chart below shows the Periodic Table of Investment Returns for individual countries in the emerging world from 2001 to 2010. The returns are based on the MSCI and S&P data:

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Source: iShares

Some observations:

  • The frontier market of Peru was the best performing market in terms of 10-year annualized returns beating even Brazil.
  • Russia is a very volatile market with returns varying widely each year.Though Russia fell about 74% in 2008 it soared 104% the following year.
  • Chile is also a top performing market in most of the years shown.
  • Despite high economic growth, China yielded an average 10-year annualized return of just 12.9% which is lower than the annualized return of most other emerging markets including Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Malaysia.

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