Review: Components of the STOXX Europe Maximum Dividend 40 Index

STOXX, the leading European index provider, launched a new index called “The STOXX Europe Maximum Dividend 40 Index“. Derived from the STOXX Europe 600 index, this index is a blue-chip index comprising the 40 highest dividend-yielding companies across Europe and represents companies with the highest expected dividend yield in the upcoming quarter.

The key features of the index include:

The index portfolio is reviewed quarterly in order to track as closely as possible the performance of the highest dividend-yielding companies and to take into account the fact that in Europe dividend payments take place frequently throughout the year.
The index portfolio is screened for liquidity based on two modes:

Index constituents must have a 3-months average daily trading value (ADTV) of at least EUR 4 million.
Stocks are selected on the basis of their liquidity-adjusted dividend yield
In order to generate a well diversified index portfolio, the weights of the components are capped at 10%.
The weighting of the single components is based on their expected liquidity-adjusted dividend yield: the higher the dividend yield of a company and the higher its liquidity, the higher its weight in the index.

The 40 components of The STOXX Europe Maximum Dividend 40 Index are listed below with their ADR tickers if available and the current dividend yields:


Disclosure: Long BBVA, SAN, BTLCY

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