How Long Will the Global Oil and Natural Gas Reserves Last

The world’s proven oil reserves of 1,383.2 billion barrels will last for only 46 years if oil production and consumption are to remain at current levels, according to BP Statistical Review of World Energy. The world’s natural gas reserves will also last for just 59 years if production is to continue at the 2010 rate.

Note: Graphic quality shown as in the original source.

Source: Itar-Tass

The top 5 countries with proven oil reserves: Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait.

The top 5 countries with proven natural gas reserves: Russia, Iran, Qatar, Turkmenistan and Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of crude oil using 19,148,000 barrels/day or 378 million gallons/day for motor gasoline. Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil to the US at 1,972,000 barrels/day. (Source: U.S. EIA)


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  1. Time to update this graph to reflect the new oil and natgas players: Israel, Cyprus and Greece.

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