Knowledge is Power: German Exports Jump Edition

Syntactical corrections for government mandated bailouts are usually required because such programs usually say one thing and deliver something quite the opposite. That notion is true for the “Cash for Clunkers” program in the US government, which has had the effect instead of delivering Clunkers for Cash.Clunkers for cash

However the US government intends to pay for the numerous “stimulus” measures, bailouts, rescues, wars and all the other expenses it is totting up, it is becoming harder by the day, with tax receipts on pace to drop 18% this year. 18%! We are so, so doomed!!!Disappearing taxes

Merrill Lynch says a consumer boom would likely benefit growth and asset prices in Asia far more than anywhere else.Asian consumption story will bring more benefit to local economies

Struggling US store says it will attempt to educate customers in the ways of healthy eating.We sell a bunch of junk, says Whole Foods boss John Mackey

German’s Federal Statistics Office released export figures for June on Friday, and they have a lot of people smiling. Exports grew to 68.5 billion euros, a 7 percent rise over May’s figure. The data is the latest in a string of positive economic news being released around the world.Export Jump Brings Hope for End of Crisis

The U.S. economy may be just as sluggish during the next 20 years as Japan’s economy was in the last 20, according to Comstock Partners, a money manager founded and run by Charles Minter.  `Lost Couple of Decades’ Looming for U.S. Economy: Chart of the Day

The stockmarket rally in the second quarter this year has sparked debate regarding its longevity. Some believe it is merely a liquidity-induced rise in prices which will soon settle. Some contend it is a technical rally which will resume into a bear run.A Spot of Shares

Colombia’s state-owned gas producer Ecopetrol attracted $9bn for a jumbo $1.5bn 10 year debut this week, the latest sign of strong investor appetite for high grade Latin credits.Ecopetrol ignites investor interest with $1.5bn 10 year debut

What drives housing prices? Is there a bubble forming? As the property industry concerns the life of ordinary people and directly affects the national economy, these questions concern us all.Real estate: bubble or boom? – special

ONCE in a while, we have good reason to feel unhappy with the US dollar. Not only did the United States bring down the global economy, whatever wealth there was left in the dollar was subject to significant diminution.The international monetary system is in need of real reform

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