Daily Wisdom: China ADRs Edition

Chinese listed banks, which have lent record high amounts in the first half, are likely to report lower profit growth in the period due to narrowing interest spreads and higher provisioning requirements, industry analysts said. Chinese listed banks to see lower profit

U.S. Listed China ADR Stocks by Sector

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The Bank of New York Mellon China ADR Index

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Michael Wen, CIO at CSOP Asset Management, is hugely bullish about the investment outlook for both China-listed A-shares and Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks.Chinese equities have more room for growth

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s recent forecast of some recovery for the US economy towards the end of this year gave little cheer to owners of export-dependent small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in Guangdong, the world’s manufacturing hub. They can hardly be faulted for their apparent scepticism considering that the bloodletting among Guangdong-based SMEs looks set to continue and a long wait is hardly an option.No quick-fix in Guangdong crisis

If China’s stocks have been enjoying a sharp rally since mid-March, it’s not just because of hopes that the US$560 billion stimulus package can boost economic growth. Stimulus money leaking into Chinese stocks

China’s role in the global financial arena is increasingly important to the United States and the international community. In spring 2009, Chinese foreign investment began to recover from the financial crisis. The China Global Investment Tracker created by The Heritage Foundation is the only publicly available, comprehensive dataset of large Chinese investments and contracts around the world. Details are available on all attempted transactions — failed and successful — over $100 million in all industries, including energy, transportation and banking.

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Source: The Heritage Foundation

China’s economic statistics have become the envy of the world. On July 15, China reported a 7.9 percent growth rate for the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, China’s stock markets are on fire, and its property markets are heating up fast as well. Shanghai’s two stock markets are up 75 percent and 95 percent respectively so far this year.China: Bogus Boom?If you are in charge of monetary policy in an up-and-coming Asian economy (say India, China or Korea), you have a problem. What to Do About a China Bubble?

“The end is near!” That was the message top government expert Cao Jianhai delivered in April when he predicted that residential property prices in China will plunge by half in the next two years. China’s Real Estate Riddle

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