Daily Wisdom: BRIC Revolution? Edition

The conventional wisdom of academic investment theorists is taking a terrible beating in the post-bubble era. Rightly so, in the case of the efficient market theory, which now gives rise to growing skepticism.The flawed wisdom of crowds

Since Wang Shulian started a gypsum factory nine years ago, her brick home in the countryside of western China’s Ningxia province has filled with the fruits of relative wealth: a refrigerator, television, DVD player, telephone. Wang Shulian’s $146 Microloan Provides Impetus for Growth in Rural China

In depth analysis you won’t find anywhere else on what it takes to compete in one of the most competitive markets in the world.Tackling Taiwan’s Mobile Market

Three explanations have been suggested for the moderation in real GDP and inflation that has occurred in industrialized countries since the 1980s: good luck, better monetary policy, and structural changes in the economy.The Great Moderation: Good Luck, Good Policy, or Less Oil Dependence?

Russia’s choice of Yekaterinburg, scene of the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, for the summit of Brazil, Russia, India and China may be telling. This week’s gathering could prove to be a milestone in developing a new global economic order as the countries seek to move away from US-dollar dependence. BRIC group plans its own revolution

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