Daily Wisdom: China Bulls Edition

Alan Greenspan dubbed as “a conundrum” the failure of bond yields to respond to his 2004-05 Federal Reserve monetary tightening. Yet there was no mystery then, nor is there now, in the reverse situation. No conundrum, merely market forces working against the efficacy of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke’s helicopter money. No conundrum, again

The fund house is relying on China to emerge from recession sooner and stronger than its global peers.Mirae remains bullish on China

Do recently rising oil prices signal a resurgence of economic growth? Supply, demand, and the price of oil

Brazil and Mexico aim to ramp up their influence on the global financial scene by lending to the International Monetary Fund, with the pledges arriving as leaders from the world’s largest emerging markets gather in Russia on Tuesday.Mexico and Brazil bid for clout

The remote, rebellious western provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang are China’s poorest, but they hold vast natural wealth which Beijing is determined to control. On a 3,000-mile trek I saw how far the government is bending the whole central Asian region to its will.China’s final frontier

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